Coming Soon: A new set of science and nature posters.
Here they are, the two Japanese scrolls going up in the Quentin Vs. Coen show at Spoke Art this weekend (fake photoshop wooden hangers not included). 
I was told if you are interested and want to get the drop on them you can email:
A series of posters that layout the 3 laws of motion discovered by Sir Isaac Newton.
A new Lemon poster featuring the always dis-functioning Delorean Time Machine. I made this print exclusively for Spoke Art’s first appearance at C2E2 this year. Prints are now available for purchase on-lin:

Here is a my first step into a new series of educational prints I’ve been working on. This set gives a brief overview of the 4 fundamental forces of the known universe: Weak Force, Strong Force, Electromagnetism & Gravity. Hope to have a lot more from this series in the future. 

There will be some screen prints available down the road but if ya’ll fancy a giclee print I put them up on my imagekind shop:

More prints going up in my location. location. location show tomorrow night.

Here are 5 new prints that will be going up in my show on Dec 13 at Galerie F here in Chicago. I will post the rest of the artwork next week. If you are in Chicago and want to attend please feel free to stop by and say hi, I will be there to give you a hello and hearty hand shake.

My first solo show will be held this year at Galerie F here in my home town Chicago. The show will open on Dec 13 and run through Jan 5. I’m excited to finally be releasing an entire new set of screen printed posters that display different locations from the history of film.
LONDON. 24”x18” screen print made for this years Comic-Con in NYC. Inspired by the gloomy city in Children of Men. 75 prints up for sale here:

Two new screen prints from my product placement series. Both prints will be available via Spoke Art today, Friday July 19th at 3pm PST via the online store:

Kansas & Kansas [Variant]. 2 new prints showing off Clark Kent’s hops.

Prints available through Gallerie F.

Happy to finally be releasing these prints. Now under the umbrella of what I am calling my Location. Location. Location series. 3 new travel posters being released for Gallerie F’s science fiction week. Each is a 18” x 24” screen print and will be for sale today, 6/17, at 2 pm here:
My print going up in the Daft Punk group show at Gauntlet Gallery.
My third and final print for the month. This one going in the Scorsese tribute show put together by Spoke Art. Should be a good time if you are in the NYC area.